Hurricane Maria left the island of Puerto Rico devastated from end to end.

Today, more than three months since the hurricane, almost half of the population remains without power.

The island’s utility grid was damaged; thousands of homes were partially or completely destroyed in the hurricane of the century.

Leaving total devastation in its path, thousands of people are still in temporary shelters.

Power may take another 4 months to restore; in the mountainous regions, power may not be restored for another
12 - 14 months.

There is still dire emergency need.

Immediate emergency needs:

To provide light and
essential life services

Particularly in poor and remote

The most essential life element.

Help bring water, food, solar lamps & relief to Puerto Rico
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How you can help
Support the people of Puerto Rico by giving a gift to provide:

SOLAR PRODUCTS, which include:

Solar generators
Power lights in a nursing home, shelter, community center, school, or family in need.

A solar generator can power lights, run a refrigerator (to store food and life essential medications needing refrigeration); power essential life instruments, such as an oxygen respirator.

Solar lamps
Give light!

Solar water purifiers
Runs by the abundant available power of the sun.  Prevents water contaminated diseases.

Solar mobile phone and laptop chargers
Provides ability to power mobile phones and laptops in remote locations and areas without power.

Solar stoves
Ability to cook meals in areas without power.

Solar radios
Enables remote mountainous regions access to current news and information.

Provide food in poor communities and in remote, central, mountainous regions.

Clean water.


Other ways to help:

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Every Share Can Raise $37!

It is easy, fast and makes a big impact!

Family, friends and organizations are looking for ways to support and anxious to support the Puerto Rico relief efforts.
An elderly woman in Toa Baja, without power or
a generator, receives a solar lamp. 

The solar lamp lights a room full of light, much needed on an island with only 55% percent of power restored.
Solar lamps light an island
in darkness
Every Share Can Raise $37
It is easy, fast and makes a big impact!
Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email
"The solar lamp works well.  It makes a big difference.  Thank you."

-Concepcion G.
Solar lamp recipient
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